Saturday, June 20, 2009


So this is what a week at camp will do to a
person. The ferry got here promptly at 5:30 am
and she came skipping in announcing that they
all stayed up again all night on the ferry. Yay!

20 minutes later:

I am so looking forward to opening that 
backpack filled with dirty camp clothes.

A special order cake for Father's Day. The
customer's husband loves Black Forest Cake, 
I made an authentic one with a German recipe.
I had to spend a bit of time finding Kirsch for 
this--it is the cherry flavored liquor that sets 
this cake apart. The Bing cherries are soaked in
it overnight and it is also used to soak the
cake layers and the frosting. The frosting is
real whipped cream and I used chocolate
from our own local chocolate factory. In
between the layers is a coffee/Kirsch
flavored buttercream with Bing
cherries layered on the frosting.

This baby was heavy--4 layers,  7 inches tall.

My little niecie-poo out fishing on the lake for the kid's
derby. Apparently she was quite excited about the whole
deal until she actually caught a fish. Grandpa helped her
bring it into the boat and the terrified screaming started.
Oh well, maybe they should just stick to floating around
on the lake without hauling anything slimy aboard.

Isn't this cool? (get it--ice/cool..) I am going to make one
for my daughter's graduation party. It is actually pretty
easy, it just involves filling a large bowl with water and
setting a smaller bowl inside. The decorations are
placed between the bowls, everything is put in the
freezer and voila! you have a gorgeous ice bowl
to hold anything from dips to punch. I read that
in a regular temp. room it will last approx 3
hours with minimal melting.

My sister and her husband are babysitting Canaries for
a friend that is out fishing for the year. They sing so
pretty and they just keep multiplying:

My best look, don't you think? Sanding the 2nd coat
of sheetrock in the kitchen. We are almost to texture!


Becky said...

Well, the mask does make your eyes stand out. They are a very pretty blue.

What a lovely view those birds have. I like canary songs but I would miss what little peace I get ;-)

That ice bowl and the cake looks fabulous! Great idea.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

that cake sounds delish!!!!! love the fishing trip and what beautiful blue eyes you have!

Corisa said... the "crashed" kid.... I get a few of those.

Karen Deborah said...

THIS is a great post. i hope you charge at least 50 bucks for that cake or is it a 100?
Can relate to the kid/camp thing. I make them pull their own mess out and then supervise the sorting.

I laughed my head off at the fish story.

Your eyes are incredibly pretty, did your husband fall madly in love with them?

The ice bowl, well considering we all died in a sweltering heat wave today, it's just, well, there simply are no words.

mary said...

You had a busy and diversified week! I think I gained a pound reading about that cake :)

I don't think that sanding sheetrock will ever be my favorite job. I don't mind slapping the wall mud up there, but sanding it off is another thing!

I remember picking up our oldest from camp and opening up his suitcase - ugh! I think that smell is still in my nose - lol!

Have a wonderful week sweet friend!

Gina said...

Hi Kris,

Wonderful pictures and wonderful tales!

KIRSCH! What a treat! My parents used to enjoy Kirsch with strawberries and a bit of sugar. It was sooooo good; however the cake sounds out of this world! You were fortunate to have located KIRSCH - I had thought it extinct! LOL!

I do have plaid pigtailed umbrella Ladies; one which is turqoise and quite different looking.

Also, thanks for your kind comments. And yes, if you want to me to check out a few other Ladies for you, just let me know.

Can relate to dirty laundrey from camp! LOL!

Talk soon.