Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, new to us anyways. It is an aluminum drop-bow
boat which means the front end drops down with a
ramp. This will be a working boat for us because
the Home Repair business can now be expanded
to include island cabins and homes. It is impossible
to move materials like lumber and sheetrock to
an island with a regular boat--there is no way
to unload it. With a drop bow boat you can
drive right up to the island (within reason)
drop the ramp down and unload.

This also includes moving fun toys like 4 
wheelers and dirt bikes. There is a lot of 
unlimited riding available on islands in this 
area, the catch is being able to get your 
bikes out there--now we can!

So we took the boat out today since it is unseasonably
warm and gorgeous out. The ocean was like a lake, calm
blue and beautiful.

This is a cabin we looked at last year and we even made
an offer when it came up for sale. It didn't look like this
when we looked at it--the new owners have completely
redone it and now they have a beautiful place to come
out to and relax. We had fun going by and wishing it
could have been ours. Well, maybe one day...

We swung by my younger brother's cabin to see how
things are coming along with his project. Isn't this a
gorgeous spot they have? The water gets quite shallow
as you approach the island so we didn't get very close
this time.

Sweet! Just the right get away for a family with 3 small
children that love to play on the beach. They built the
whole thing themselves with help from family members.
It looks like they just have siding to go and then the
interior to finish.

This island has a very fancy lodge hidden in the trees.
Those are seagulls on the rocks in front. You can see
part of our town in the picture to the very left at the
foothills of the mountains.

Another shot of part of town and seagulls sun bathing.

Boy is it hard to have to go back once we are out here.
This bigger boat is so comfortable too. Next time I am
going to bring food and drinks--we may never go home!

Awww...poor thing...such an ugly place 
to sit and do schoolwork in the sun...


Niki said...

fabulous pictures!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sigh... Such amazing beauty... love her study area...
Flea sent me this link I think you will find it interesting.

Karen Deborah said...

breathtaking so much beauty and personally I could love any of those cabins.