Thursday, March 12, 2009



Laura ~Peach~ said...

awesome stuff!!!!!!!

mary said...

Another sweet, sweet story :) I love it when the youth in our country prove to us that they are good and kind and respectful. So much of the news about them focuses on the negative. I adore teenagers and think they usually do a good job growing up in a poopy world. Have a great weekend! We had snow again yesterday - it was wonderful!

pam said...

Happy Birthday, a little late. :)

I answered your questions under the post.

The applesauce cake looks really great. I had carrot cake a few days ago at a local place. It was good, but Re and I bought one piece to share, and it had coconut in it, and she doesn't like coconut so I inherited the whole piece. I had never heard of putting coconut in carrot cake before. But then... my recipe knowledge with cakes is limited I guess.

Hope your bday was great!

Anonymous said...