Sunday, March 1, 2009


Remember our beautiful sunroom? snif snif

It's gone!

And here's what is happening to our house now.

This is the cement we are working on. It is a foundation
wall for my new baking kitchen! And where the sunroom
was is going to be an 8 foot extension onto our master
bedroom. By doing this we will be adding an additional
bedroom onto our house, fixing our walk in closet and
making the master bedroom more workable. It is laid 
out very poorly right now and this will make it nice &
cozy, plus take advantage of the view. The cement was
poured this last week for the walls and my husband
stripped the forms off this weekend. We have snow 
forecasted, so he may have to wait to get started 
framing.  Gah--he's already chomping at the bit.

We drove downtown later that day and saw a sign
that someone was selling live crab at the harbor.
We drove down to get some and then realized it was
King crab. Dang, too expensive for our wallet! We
talked with them anyway and turns out if any
of the crabs are missing legs they sell them for
less, so we were able to pick out a couple for
dinner for the 4 of us. They had some in this
cooler, & the whole bottom of the boat was full.

An entrepreneur at work--hey anything is good in this
economy, right?

We didn't use his services, but some other people did. Look 
who's standing on the corner behind him waiting for a snack.

Oh.  Yeah.

Today I made cookies for a daycare in town for Dr. Suess's
birthday tomorrow. Too much fun!


Becky said...

Wow, good for you on the remodel and addition of the baking kitchen. Those suess hats are amazing. Do you do each one by hand or do you have some sort of system or tool.

The crab looks so yummy. Something about the phrase "I'll clean your crab" makes me snicker. ;-)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

WOW on those crabs I want to come eat with you!!!!!! drool.... I would have HAD to use the young mans services LOl I would not have a clue how to do it on my own... but after they are cooked I certianly figure out how to eat them LOl wowo I cant wait to see your cooking kitchen!

pam said...

Ok, as I sip my Starbucks which was delivered for me by chance today since Wayne had a call early at the top of the county, I was thinking of you for some reason anyhow... then I go and find a sweet comment by you at my blog. Thanks.
The bakery is so exciting! I am thrilled it's coming to be. The cookies rock as always. I have been thinking of you when I see cool cutters lately.
As for the crabs, whoa baby! That is awesome. I love you took a photo of the sign! But then you knew I would!!!

mary said...

I am so excited about your new addition to your kitchen! And you get a remodeled bedroom too - you are going to be spoiled :) I am not a sea-food eating girl, but your cookies always make me drool.

Thank you for your sweet comments about Michael. It is comforting to know that someone else has been through the same ordeal, and that it will end soon. New York City is supposed to have a foot of snow today, and Michael is out in it trying to find a specialist for his nose.

Keep up posted on the remodel. I keep thinking we are going to start on the inside of our house soon, but we always end up doing something to the outside. This week we are going to build the big playground for the little ones. I think I am as excited as they are!

Have a wonderful week.

Karen Deborah said...

haha you laughing at my cold weather, well it wasn't how cold it was the sudden change from 76 to 29 is a big switch. Oh man losing the sunroom is a real drag but it sounds like all of this other construction is going to be very nice. will you eventually have another sunroom? Isn't that where you were growing some different veggies?

Jane said...

Kris, your talent and creativity amaze me. I love those cookies! Where did you ever find a cookie cutter to do those? And your sun room, you just put that in! But, I'm so excited for you about your kitchen! That is neat. Now you will really be able to cook up a storm! I'm glad your business is going good! Tell your family "hi"! Let that Elea know I'm still waiting for an update on her post!!

Caution Flag said...

I can't wait to see what comes out of that new kitchen. What you are turning out now amazes me.

It's early morning here and I haven't had breakfast yet, but those King Crab look great. Like Laura, I also would have had to hire someone to help me.

Now, your American Pie reference had me googling. YUCK!!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh those cookies!!! Incredible! you are soooooo clever! : D