Saturday, February 14, 2009


What a gorgeous stretch of weather we have had for the
last week! We couldn't wait to get out today and stretch
our winter legs a bit. We started off with a delicious lunch
at Subway--I love their turkey subs on wheat with swiss
cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives and vinegar and oil.

We walked along Crescent Harbor that is nearest the
downtown area. It is so nice to be able to walk freely
without dodging hundreds of tourists! I have nothing
against tourists, it's just a nice break to walk around
town at a leisurely pace with lots of parking.

Here we are at the other stoplight in town (we only have 2)
looking at Eliason Harbor. We decided to walk the docks
here and see if there were any yachts still here. We only
found a couple and they were all covered up for the winter.

Can you see Mr. Long Legs in the picture? I have no idea
why he was sitting on this boat with people moving around
inside. He just kept an eye on us since we had our dog, but he 
didn't move away. I think you can make the  picture bigger 
by clicking on it. Isn't he cool?

This was inside one of the huge fishing boats. Just look at
the hardware lined up! I think those were hooks to the right.

This fat Sea Lion was extremely interested in our little dog.
And not in a good way. These guys can be very nasty and a
man was bitten last winter on the rear end when he was
bending over on a dock by a seal lion coming out of the 
water. They have a mouthful of teeth and and they are 
HUGE. We were on a large boat a few years back and 
saw a sea lion come up out of the water and eat a seagull, 
feathers and all.

That's probably why they aren't called Sea Kittens.

Perfect for Valentine's Day!

I just like the sound of this one--say it with me... Hukilau.

..and fancy free...

How do they keep all this hardware & pole system straight?

The water was like glass. The sea lion was following 
us underwater (shudder)

Along with the sunny days we are rewarded with
amazing sunsets. This is the eagle tree we see from
our living room. There are no eagles in it because
they fly up and roost on the mountain behind our
house at dusk. Like big chickens. 
Big meat eating chickens.

From our front deck outside the kitchen. Oh Lord, you
are a Master painter. Thank you for the eye candy to
end our day.


Niki RuralWritings said...

Lovely pictures, mr. long legs is so cool! I didn't know sea lions are so nasty, I thought they were gentler, somehow.
Have a blessed Lord's day!

Karen Deborah said...

Kris this is a spectacular post. Love the photos I could really love being in Alaska. It's gorgeous and I approve of your marvelous governor. Definitely not sea got that right. There is something at my place for you.

mary said...

What a gorgeous day! I always yearn to move to Alaska when you post such beautiful pictures :) We had a glorious day here too. Randy and Mason built the boxes for our new square foot garden. I can hardly wait to start planting!

Caution Flag said...

This post really was a treat. Thank-you. Now, though, I am feeling unnerved after learning about Sea Lions. And I used to think they were cute!

I never really thought about living in a touristy area before. I suppose the quiet between seasons would be a welcome reward.

50sgal said...

These are lovely and wonderful photographs!