Tuesday, February 17, 2009



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Jane said...

I think America is going to be pretty saddened by the choice that the majority of people made choosing him as President. It reminds me of "peace, peace, and then sudden destruction." My only consolation is that Christ is still King of King and Lord of Lords, no matter who is President.

Karen Deborah said...

yeah, you know the really sad thing is that after he won I really thought that the right thing to do was give him a a chance. After all this is/was America and everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Maybe he really did have some goodness in him. Well in his first 100 days he has nearly destroyed the country and sentences how many more billions of unborn to death, it's soooooo discouraging. It's scary too. The Lord cannot come back for us too soon.
But the other question now is, will we survive or is the end of this country as we have known it and what about the future of our children, and WHY is the President so silent an letting fear take hold on such a large scale?

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Anonymous said...

Can you say, "A wolf in sheep's clothing".

He didn't and hasn't fooled me.

Only thing I can say is, God please help America!

Catherine said...

I know that the bible tells us to pray for those in leadership. And I think that if we turned all this negative energy into prayer for our leaders, we would see the hand of God work in America.
I pray for him each and every day.

Caution Flag said...

I really can't think about it because it makes me sick, so I'll stick to something innane: I don't think Obama's gray suit flattered him.