Friday, February 6, 2009


I thought I would post a  few pictures of some of the 
ladies that came home with me from the convention. 
There were so many to choose from! It is a good thing 
I was limited in the amount of space I had to carry 
them home. As it was was, 2 of them arrived here broken. 
Believe it or not it is the first time I have had that happen!
I thought I had wrapped them to survive just about
anything that was dished out, but I was pretty tired
when I did it, so I may have slacked off.

These are the ones that survived the trip home. 
Which is your favorite?

My favorite--isn't she cool--in a 
Don't look at me I didn't do it kind of way?

The convention was smaller than usual this year--gee
I wonder if this terrible economy had anything to do with 
that? The big news is it has been decided to move locations
for the first time ever. Maddy Gordon has done an amazing 
job for 17 years with organizing and basically running the 
entire thing and has decided to retire and just attend the 
conventions to enjoy herself.

Terry Traw came forward and offered to take over for Maddy 
and since he is from Missouri the convention will be moving 
to Branson in 2010. They will also move it from January to 
either late September or early October. Is anyone reading this 
from that area? I am very curious about planning a trip there 
because I understand that we cannot fly into Branson but will 
have to drive a ways from the airport. Terry said the prices 
will be better for hotels and food than Florida and Branson 
is known for it's theatrical shows.

We have a bit of time to decide whether to attend since the next 
convention will be in 2010. For me that means one of 3 choices: 
either flying the whole way again with my ladies sent through 
cargo on the plane in my hard suitcase (obviously not the ideal 
way), sending the ladies ahead of me through the mail 
system (ex-pen-sive!) or taking the car on the ferry for 3 
days to Bellingham, WA and then driving down to Missouri.

Hmmm...lots to think about...


Becky said...

None of those options for travel sound ideal. I have an aunt in Missouri I should tell her to check it out.

I like the lady in black with the pearls, the first one pictured. She looks very sophisticated.

Niki RuralWritings said...

I can't decide. Miss Prim and Proper is sweet, I love the little girl, especially the umbrella, I also love the roses on the dress of the last one...they are all lovely. You made great choices.

mary said...

They are all lovely, but the girl with the umbrella is my favorite :) I am so glad that you had a great trip, and that you will continue to be able to have a place to buy and sell your "girls." Are you settling back into your home and homeschooling routine? I always have difficulty transitioning back into our normal life after a trip. I am glad that you are back - I missed you!

Caution Flag said...

Oh my goodness. I am not smart. Those ladies are all vases? And I am just now catching on to that?!

Put me in the column with those who like the little girl. She is a sweetie!

Seriously, they're vases? How big are they?

Anonymous said...

I really like the blonde with the black dress she is beautiful!!! Jana, your sister.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Caution--they range in size from 3 1/2" all the way up to the largest found to date, which is 15" tall and almost looks life-sized.


Janette said...

I vote for the drive. It is a lovely drive in September- beg that it is not in late October! You could stay with us the night before you get there- we are in Kansas!