Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well I couldn't find a good word that started with TH, so
I am starting this feature on my blog called High Five
Thursday. Remember that movie Bad News Bears? That
seems like how our world is now--Bad News World.

I just know there is a lot of good going on out there and 
by golly I am going to hunt it down! Every Thursday I am
going to post about something good, uplifting, happy, 
excellent, get the picture.

And guess what? It's not difficult to find the good that's
going on. In fact, it's everywhere! The mainstream media
seems to have this objective to feed the public nothing
but the bad, but trust me, there is a whole lot more good
going on out there than they let on.

So let's start this High Five Thursday with 8 year old 
Jacob Poles from Colorado:


mary said...

What a wonderful story! I would love for my three little ones to have a soldier pen pal. There is so much good in the world - high five to you for wanting to share some of it!

Karen Deborah said...

that is so precious! I really needed to hear something good!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

It absolutely broke my hear to hear that marine say, "that there are people who still care about the marines" It makes me realize how forgotten our troups have felt these days due to our own selfish struggles at home.

your comment on my blog today touched my heart and my father in laws heart in a concrete and measurable way. I wanted to let you know exactly that.

Thank you in Christ.