Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have been having fun making cookies this last 
week. Our church held another mission's fund 
raiser and one of the local organizations had a 
dessert auction fund raiser, so I made & donated 
fish cookies to the church and a spring cookie 
bouquet to the dessert auction.

These were fun to do! If I had more time I 
would have made little colored flies sticking 
out of their mouths...

I piled them all on a big, green oval platter 
when they were served and it was a huge hit.

These were all spring-type cookies with pastel coloring.

The flower ones were neat--I placed cookies on top of each
other before they were baked to see if they would bake up
dimensional. They did!

These tulips were huge cookies, almost 6" across.
This marbling is easy, you just drop wet icing on
wet icing and drag it around with a toothpick.

My favorites!

Here is the finished basket. My husband thinks the 
picture of my Great Grandma on my logo is dorky.

I named my business after her--Grandma Tillie's
Bakery, so I think her picture is cute on there. 
Just look at the sweet hat she is wearing & how 
her hands were folded by her face in the picture!

I love it!

Help me out here--
What do you guys think?
Dorky or sweet?

Yep, here we are on our hands and knees with 
another project in the works. 

Don't I look like a professional concrete person?

I don't think so either.

More about our big project tomorrow...


Becky said...

Those are amazing cookies! Love the bunny. The fish cookies are great too.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Adorable cookies! And I think Grandma Tillie is as cute as Mary See on the See's candy box. Family ties and tradition are a re-emerging thing. Keep Tillie.

I'll take the bunny -- he's soooooo cuuuuuuute! : D

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I LOVE the pic it is NOT dorky! I really LOVE LOVE the cookies those fish are just way too cute and the flowers and bunny oh dear adorable!!!!!

mary said...

I think your grandmother is adorable! Thank you for your sweet comment about Michael. He left this morning at 3:30 for New York - sigh. I really don't like the "letting go" part of mothering :)

I so need you to come to Texas and bake cookies with me! My sugar cookies don't hold their shape during baking, and then my icing never looks good. We always eat every cookie I make, but I still need professional help :)

I can't wait to hear more about your big project. I think we are going to tackle the huge playground, fort thingy for the little ones this weekend. It supposedly takes about 30 total man-hours to build. I hope we can recruit a lot of help!

Anonymous said...

Love the Logo, you have told me what a great cook she was!! Keep it!

Cori said...

sorry that was me cori on that last comment

Debbie in CA : ) said...

[Hmmmm . . . couldn't find an e-mail for you, so I will leave my little note here.]

So glad my post about Andrew touched you. Whenever I bare my deepest feelings I am a bit vulnerable and wonder why the Lord spilled that out for all the world to see. When I get a comment like yours my fears break up into smiles (and a few tears) . . . my obedience touched another. And so I rejoice.

I love having you visit my blog, sweet friend. I envision a great get-together with you and me and Karen Deborah. Next time she's in town to see me will you hop down and join us? (And please bring some of those bunny cookies -- I think I'm in love!) *snicker* ; D

pam said...

I love the name. It's very clever, and men have no vision often when it comes to things like this. Stick with Grandma, she is cool.
The cookies are amazing. I am always so impressed when I see things you make, and if I haven't been commenting as much lately, just know I am trying to read. Life has been hectic here! I remember our conversations when you were envisioning your business, and the reality of it coming together the way it has thrills me so much. I am so happy for you!
Re and I did a catering thing a few weeks ago, and because of the way it worked out, we were up all night. (With her dad being in ICU it threw off the timing) We like everything super fresh anyhow, so our schedule is always very planned but tight. Her husband suggested we should name our business "Up All Night Catering" as in, YOU KNOW IT'S FRESH!

pam said...

Smiling smiling smiling... came back to see the concrete photo again because I was a tad bit slow earlier. Smiling smiling smiling....... totally makes my day!!!!

Janette said...

Keep Your Grandmother! As a long time sales family- Grandma always knows what is good for you!

Anonymous said...

I think they are lovely
A perfect gift for someone
to make their days special