Friday, November 28, 2008


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. I know we ate more than we
should have because the desserts were barely touched!

Well our yard is nearing completion, at least the heaviest jobs requiring the trackhoe.
My husband is now moving dirt and gravel with his smaller tractor and replanting 
the trees and shrubs that were moved when this all began.

All in all it was a success--we gained several parking spots, took care of the water
drainage problem and now the yard looks like something more than just a jungle. It
will be better in spring when the trees have leaves and we can put in more plants.
We are talking about putting in a nice fire pit too with benches around it.

Here he was still removing a layer from the yard. He would park the 
dumptruck on the driveway, fill it with dirt, take it away and then do
 it all over again all day long.

Helping to move the heavy trees while the trackhoe was still here. That tree 
is a golden chain, very pretty with golden flowers hanging down in the summer.
 I really hope it lives after being moved around so much...

Whenever the driver would take a load of dirt away in the dumptruck the 
trackhoe would still be operating--weird. When I investigated I found a familiar 
face operating the machine. He was like a kid in a candy shop in that huge thing.

We have a large parking area to the right and they even made 
one in front of the rock wall for one vehicle. 

This is today in the pouring rain. Even the little neighbor girl in purple 
came over to help move rocks. This time last year we already had serious
 snowfall--in comparison this isn't too bad!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

tons of work going on around there! Its looking great and I hope that tree does well too I can't wait to see it next summer!

Becky said...

Wow! Everything is looking great. I love your house and the view is awesome.

Karen Deborah said...

That picture is so awesome! Your place reminds me of Felton CA. The house and the trees, not the weather. Of course the view out of your front window is beyond comparison. As many hot flashes as I have I think I could manage the cold. Your really coming? How wonderful!!!!!