Thursday, October 2, 2008


The stairway cover project is complete! It was actually finished more than a week ago,
but the time got away from me to post about it. The junk still needs to be moved from
under the stairs, but doesn't the cover look great? We already made great use of it with
Keith coming over for dinner Sunday night with the rest of the family. It was raining 
hard and he would have gotten very wet if not for this cover, so we are grateful for it!

O.K.--on to the next project. It's never boring around here! We are 
finally getting our yard fixed up the way we want it. The project is too
large for my husband to tackle with our Kubota tractor, so we hired my 
cousin's son to bring his trackhoe over and just get it done.

We are lacking space for parking our trailers and equipment for the home 
repair business, so that was a priority. We also want our yard to look nice 
and he will be putting in a rock wall that we will be able to plant in and make 
really nice.

We are very happy with his work so far and my husband is impressed with the 
way he can finesse these huge boulders into place. It is very exciting to watch 
the progress!

It looks like a jungle! The previous owners of this house didn't do 
anything at all to the yard. My husband topped the trees to expand 
our view--the neighbors to the north were SO happy! She said they 
hadn't seen the mountains to the south for 9 years.

Looking down the driveway.

Looking up the driveway. It is going to look so nice with a rock wall and plants.
We also have a drainage problem running along the edge that will be fixed.

This will be a rock wall and parking for our trailers and tractor.

The first scoop...


Becky said...

How exciting! The porch looks great. I love progress in the way of home improvements.

Karen Deborah said...

how great! It feels so good to accomplish things around the homefront. You live in a gorgeous spot! It'll be fun to watch the progress. My husband pressure washed the house while I was gone and that made a big difference. will you have any fall weather or does it just get cold? What do you do when it's dark for most of the day?

Anonymous said...

The porch looks great. You could almost ski down that roof in the winter.


Janette said...

The porch---well---Is amazing! Job well done!
I am beginnig to realize that you are a multigenerational Alaskan family. How long has your family (collectively) been in Alaska? (If you don't mind me asking)

Caution Flag said...

How is Keith feeling these days?

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Becky--thanks! We are enjoying it already since this is the rainiest summer in more than 20 years.

Karen--pressure washing is like a miracle, isn't it? We have had such a rainy summer that fall seems like just another season of rain so far. I did notice the leaves downtown yesterday were bright yellow.

Kate--you are right! I hadn't even thought of that.

Janette--thanks for the compliment on the porch. There are a whole bunch of us living in Alaska! I have my sister and her husband and 3 grown kids, plus both brothers and their families. My dad was born and raised in Ketchikan and several of his family members are here. I also have great nieces and nephews here! My uncle passed away last year at 90+ years old and lived his whole life in Alaska as a fisherman.

Cautiion--Keith is in therapy 3 times a week and has therapy in the pool 3 times a week. He is closing in on the deadline to try and put weight on his legs. First he will have to have more x-rays, then approx Oct 15th they will begin weight bearing. Thanks for asking! I am going to ask him if I can do an update post on my blog so people can see the progress he's made.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

We have been enjoying our first rain since MARCH! It feels like life is seeping back into all the soil in my garden. Wonderful! Refreshing! Delicious! I sat out on my deck and just breathed in the moist exhilarating air. I know you enjoy that "moist air" often, but for me it was a treat to be savored.

Your porch will make life so much easier for you. It looks like it was always there. that is my test of an addition; it mustn't look contrived. Enjoy the dry walk from car to house. : )

Onward to the next project: a garden improvement -- MY FAVORITE! ; )