Monday, October 13, 2008


This weekend marked the beginning of week long Alaska Day celebrations here
in town.

Alaska Day is a legal holiday in the U.S. state of Alaska, observed on October 18.
It is the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia
to the United States which took place at a flag-raising ceremony at Fort Sitka on
October 18, 1867.

Alaska Day is legally observed statewide, and is a paid holiday for State of Alaska
employees. The official celebration is held here in Sitka, where schools release
students early, many businesses close for the day, and events such as a parade
and reenactment of the flag raising are held.

Although the territory was sold to the U.S. in March, it was not until the 18th of
October that year that the Commissioners arrived in Sitka and the formal transfer
was arranged. The original ceremony included 250 uniformed U.S. soldiers, who
marched to the Governor's house in Sitka at "Castle Hill", where the transfer was
made. It was here that the Russian troops lowered the Russian flag and the U.S.
flag was raised.

Our Coast Guard base had their open house this weekend and we were able to
go inside the helicopters, rescue boats and fire engines. If you have never been
in the pilot's seat of a Jayhawk helicopter, you don't have any idea what you are
missing! The sheer number of control panels is nothing short of amazing and 
when you realize how little room they have in back not just for themselves, but 
also the people they are rescuing it really makes you appreciate the intensity of 
their work.

My older daughter getting the low down on what it's really like to fly one of these.
She is seriously considering a career in the Coast Guard, so she asked for a 2 hour
lunchbreak from work Saturday in order to attend this event.

They were so nice to us, answering dozens of questions and smiling the whole time. 
They didn't even get mad when some kids spilled popcorn inside the helicopter!

from the bridge and I thought I was going to die just from the from the cold 
wind that came off the rotor wash.

I asked, Well what then? They said you just keep on going.  BRRRRR.

Poor Dummy. That's how I feel in the morning.

Sorry--just had to add this. I like bumper stickers almost as much as signs. 

Tonight is the Archangel Dancers performance--can't wait!


Becky said...

I LOVE that bumper sticker! Moose are one of my favorite animals. I have them scattered around my house... not real ones... decorations lol! Good for your daughter. The military offers great opportunities for anyone willing to serve.

Yes, that poor, poor dummy :-p

Caution Flag said...

I just met a woman whose husband is finishing his Coast Guard career. She said it is a wonderful branch of the military. They just moved here from Alaska and surely are missing it.

mary said...

I wanted you to know I made your apple crisp for dinner tonight - yummy! We have had COLD, rainy weather for 4 days - I think Alaska is probably warmer than we are!

The Coast Guard sounds like a wonderful profession (if you keep your pants zipped!). Your daughter is a cutie!

Have a wonderful week.
Mary :)

Kathy said...

I enjoy your posts. Interesting!