Friday, September 19, 2008


We had a missionary dinner tonight at church with Chuck & Janet Wilson
from Oregon. They are missionaries to Botswana. They were very interesting
speakers, talking about the bible college they helped build and also about
their work with the bush people in Botswana. They are living here in the
states earning money to hopefully be back there by the end of December.

They cooked a wonderful meal of an African dish called Ground Nut Stew for
all of us. You can see it in the picture--it's the reddish stew in the large white
and black container. The name must come from the fact that there is peanut 
butter in it because I didn't see or taste any other nuts.

Peanut butter is used in cooking in west Africa because they raise peanuts
there. I loved the taste of this stew and they seasoned it just right even though
they made it about 1/4 as hot as the people eat it in Africa!

In any case, it was delicious and made a gob-I know I will be making this again.

GROUND NUT STEW (Serves 15-20)

2 ½ pounds of chopped & cooked chicken (Prefer boneless chicken breasts)
2 Onions
1 Green pepper
1 Red pepper
2 large cans of chopped stewed tomatoes (28 oz)
1 medium can of tomato paste (12 oz)
1 1/2 cup of peanut butter (smooth)
1 tsp of salt
Cayenne Pepper (to taste----about 1-2 tsp)
4 cups of uncooked long grain rice

Cooking Instructions:

1. Cook the chicken and save the broth

2. We like cooking the stew in a 18 or 25 quart Roaster.

3. Dice the vegetables.

4. Cook the vegetables until tender in the tomatoes. Add 
the chicken broth to get a consistency that won’t stick.

5. Add chicken and let simmer for at least an hour

6. You will need to add several cups of the chicken broth 
back into to the stew until the consistency is like a stew.

7. Add cayenne pepper to taste.

8. Add peanut butter and let simmer for about half an hour. 
(Be careful to keep it at low temperature, tends to stick or 
burn if you aren’t careful.

9. Cook Rice---often I add the remaining chicken broth when 
making the rice.

Serve over rice.


Becky said...

Cool, my parents are in Kenya... I'll bet they have been eating it almost every night. :-p I'm not much of a peanut fan myself.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

it sounds good... but my whimpy family would not like it...

yes on the bucket list... like anything if money is no object it makes a world of difference... but it has good principles.

your package is in the mail she said 5 to 7 days left here yesterday :D

Anonymous said...

It sounds delicious!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!