Monday, September 15, 2008


We didn't get summer this year. For all of you people out there that are 
thankful that fall is coming so the weather will cool down I say Come visit! 
Come and cool down! Way down! I think we may have hit 70 degrees one day 
this year, but I can't be certain. I know we have been measuring the sunny 
days in hours, as in "Wasn't it nice for half a day last Thursday?"

And now that the calendar says fall is approaching (we have no other way of 
knowing this for sure) winter is not far behind. My husband has been talking 
about making a roof over our front entryway since last year. When we had 4 feet
of snow sticking around for weeks the ice was really building up because it would 
thaw just enough to form ice and then freeze again overnight. I think the decision 
was made to start the project because roofing went on sale this last week.

Isn't our front door pretty? It's one of my favorite things about our
house. The glass is burgundy and clear with gold outlines. We definitely
don't want the weather ruining it!

Our front entry steps became treacherous last winter with thick ice and fresh 
snow falling on top of it continuously. Have you ever tried chipping thick ice 
with a snow shovel? It's not happening. Plus there was not one bag of de-icer
or rock salt to be had in this town. Every store sold out and there was none 
forthcoming. I just saw a sign yesterday that some places are already selling
it--a smart person would probably go get some now wouldn't they? 
(Writing a note to myself...)

This roof will keep us nice and dry instead of having to run to get inside 
before all the groceries get soaked. We hardly ever use our actual front 
entryway--we park the cars and use the smaller garage door on the right.

My husband made a comment when we were coming home yesterday that
he is going to have to put reflectors on the post he just put up. I wonder
if that's because I am the one that parks on that side of the driveway...

More pictures as the project progresses.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

he is so awesome Love the projects!
It is 95 ish degrees here i am sure you would MELT right along with us!
HUGS Laura

Debbie in CA : ) said...

DIY are NOT my favorite initials. Though my delightful husband is quite the artist in home projects, his "Einstein" genes make him prone to re-design (while in progress), overgrasp as to how much we should be tackling, and of course there is always the distractability factor as the genius overtakes the hammer-slammer and he's gone to someplace I can't follow. Solution. We design and redesign and change some more on paper ... then we call a contractor. Works every time for us!

Hope you have your roof before any snow falls.

Pretty door! I have one similar.

Here's a blast of sunshine coming your way -- :D (. . . or should I say "son"shine? That's all I can mange right now.)

Becky said...

Your door is lovely :-D What a fast worker that Hubs of yours is... I assume thats him standing on the ladder right on the THIS IS NOT A STEP sticker :-p I could not imagine hauling groceries up those steps during a snow storm. I must admit I would fair well there with all that cool weather. I love the short days and chilly temps of winter. I keep my t-shirts out all year long and will wear them in 50* weather.

Karen Deborah said...

I love your house. The back deck and incredible view is so amazing. If there wasn't some kind of drawback to Alaska then it would be jammed with people and subdivisions. Your out in the last frontier, how cool is that? Is that a bad pun? Well, I get hot flashes so much all that cool weather would feel great to me.
i'd just gaze out that goreous window and bake a cake.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments! And you are right Karen, if it wasn't for the weather thumbing it's nose at us like this we would be overun :-)

I still would like you all to visit someday!


Anonymous said...

I think your hubby is very clever doing that. Mine wouldn't know where to begin; but then, here we need shelter from the heat, not the snow. i hope you get a better summer next year.


pam said...

Very cool project. And yes, I do love your door. Our house is a century old, and our front door needs replaced bad. It's like a 1950's door, and we've had trouble making extra key's for it even because no one makes the blank anymore. It just detracts from the dark wood work of the house too. I often look at doors similar to yours and think... someday :)

Anonymous said...

Your door is beautiful ~ and what a blessing that your husband can do these home projects himself!

Have a great day Kris!