Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The Humpies are in, getting ready to make their way upstream after spawning.
The rivers will be black with fish and they are already jumping in the old part
of town. There are so many fish that their fins are sticking above the water! Lots
of people are there fishing now since you can fish right from the shore or even
from the rocks under the bridge. There were also a lot of tourists there last 
night taking pictures and swat, swat, swatting the bugs.

People aren't the only ones interested in these salmon. We have a sow bear
and cubs that make a daily appearance and have been stealing people's fish
right off their lines. Yesterday's newspaper noted a call was made to police
by a man fishing. The bear had him cornered on the rocks and the police had
to come and scare her away so he could get off the rocks. I know it's dangerous
but that made me laugh out loud. Can you imagine the 911 dispatcher taking
that call?

I think that's a pretty smart bear to figure out that people can do all the hard
work of catching the fish--she doesn't even need to get wet! And just think,
she's teaching her cubs the same thing...

My brother in law got stuck in a porta-potty by bears outside once. When 
he went in there were no bears but when he tried to open the door, there 
they were. He even managed to take pictures LOL!

I was cooking dinner last night and had the dogs out on the deck 
because it was so warm. They started barking and carrying on so
 much that I went out to see what the malfunction was. This is what 
was floating over our house scaring them to death! These daredevils 
go to the top of the mountain behind our house and jump off, then 
float down to the beach.

I saw this guy down where everybody was fishing. It is an immature bald 
eagle with the characteristic mottled coloring. It cracked me up because 
he was just walking around on the beach looking at his feet and then watching 
people fishing. I could almost hear him muttering to himself about how hungry 
he was, wondering how to get some fish. They look like gawky teenagers with 
their big feet and funky coloring. I watched one the other day on the beach in front
 of our house doing the same thing. They look so funny walking on the ground. 
They are made for flying, so their feet are splayed out and they are pigeon toed. 

And for Molly, the Biggest Bear Fan in the World, a bear cam where she can 
watch bears fishing on the river in real life. Hi Molly!


mary said...

Oh sweet Kris - you are REALLY Molly's best friend now! Thank you for thinking of my bear-loving girl once again. I love the picture of the young eagle. Doesn't God have a wonderful sense of humor? Even animal parents have to endure a few teenage "moments" :0) You live in the most magnificent place. Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Becky said...

Wow! I would love to have a bald eagle take a stroll through my yard. What a blessing albeit an awkward That was a nice post.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

excellent ... just excellent...beautiful pics!
Hugs Laura

Caution Flag said...

I just can't get my mind around living with bears everywhere. For that matter, I can't understand what it would be like to go fishing and actually catch anything or see an eagle just walking around. You are so not in Detroit!