Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today my younger daughter and I went to the quilt show that is on display
from now until the 17th of May. There are a lot of quilters in this town and
wow do they make some beautiful quilts! There was everything from bed
sized quilts to lap quilts to mini quilts and there were pictorial quilts, hand
pieced quilts, paper pieced quilts and machine pieced quilts. There were
even a few that were over 100 years old! We had a great time and I took
a few pictures so everyone could enjoy them. Click on the pictures to make
them larger and see more detail.

This one was an adorable mini quilt with tiny flannel shirts on it. Each shirt had a pocket, collar and buttons--too cute!

I love the coloring on this one too. I didn't get to read the story on this quilt, but I am certain it represents a certain clan from this area.

This was one of my favorites. It was paper pieced (the fabric is sewn to individual pieces of paper) It was very realistic looking--the colors the quilter picked were perfect.

This was amazing in person--incredible detailing and tons of different fabrics.

An Alaska theme quilt--click to make larger--it's really neat!

I love the fall colors and intricate piecing.

This was a favorite--the quilter used fabric to depict the Northern Lights.

This one was really beautiful and I loved the ladies all around, each with a different dress and hair color!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

OHHHHH WOWOOOO what a beautiful bunch of quilts I LOVE THEM i am so torn but I almost think the one with the northern lights is my favorite... but those stars and the colors ahhhhh quilt heaven!
no wait the one with the native design I love that one best too!
very very cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are amazing! I just love quilts!! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, it must have been awesome to see them in person

Have a blessed weekend,


LadiesoftheHouse said...

Laura--I love quilts too,as you well know. I think there were at least 35 quilts, so it was hard to vote for a favorite. The 100 year old quilts were made from men's neckties!

Sharon--yes, they were amazing in person. It was hard not to touch them! They did have white gloves you could slip on if you just couldn't resist touching them.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

LOL pass me the gloves I am a sensory person I have to touch and if possible smell the quilts...
Thats way too cool made from neckties!

Pam said...


Karen Deborah said...

Those quilts are SPECTACULAR!! i love quilts my favorite choice for bedding. I have treid to be more contemporary and always go back to quilts. Our cousin lived in Alaska too for a few years and she got very into quilting while she lived there and made some gorgeous stuff. I think the dark cold months produce this creativity. she also made natural scenes. They are fabric art and go way beyond quilting. Do you make quilts yourself?