Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a fantastic trip this past weekend to Juneau. We spent most of our time shopping
for essentials, but we did squeeze a little sightseeing in too. It was 78 degrees in the shade
when we got there! Juneau has about 30,000 people plus thousands of tourists, so it was a
bit busy downtown. If you ever have an opportunity to visit there, I highly recommend it!

It was spectacular cruising along at 35 knots with these views out of every window. We saw Humpback Whales, Dall's Porpoises, Killer Whales, Eagles and Bears.

This place was called Point Retreat and there were no other houses around it for miles and miles.

The ferry was very comfortable.

I thought this was such a beautiful scene of a lake about 5 minutes after leaving the ferry heading to downtown.

Downtown Juneau.

There are some very pretty murals around the city.

Another beautiful mural.

I saw several really neat signs and carvings.

The tram heading up the mountain. There is a restaurant, souvenir shop and captive bald eagle at the top.

This eagle was shot in the face and leg so she will never return to the wild. She is the captive bird that you can view at the top of the tram ride.

Gorgeous views of Juneau from the tram. Going up was fun except my ears were popping really bad. Going back down I preferred sitting in a seat and not looking out the window!

Gastineau Channel, an inland arm of the Pacific Ocean which separates Douglas Island from the mainland on which Juneau lies.

Mendenhall Glacier was amazing. You can watch it live on a webcam here.

I loved seeing the ice floating on the lake in almost 80 degrees--very surreal.
Ice the forest ranger pulled from the lake that morning. It is desirable for drinks since it melts much slower and tastes better than regular ice.

Heading back home we saw three bears on the beach (click to make the photo larger)

What a fun trip--short but sweet!


Niki RuralWritings said...

Oh how gorgeous....one day I am going to head up there for a vacation. It's so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing the pics

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am in AWE at the grandure and beauty and that eagle is awesome I so feel for her being captive and having been shot... she is beautiful... everything I see just is sooo clean clear and beautiful... my one day dream is now to visit there...
so cool thank you so for sharing!
Hugs Laura

mary said...

I have always dreamed of living in Alaska. Your beautiful pictures make me want to start packing now! I am so glad you had a wonderful trip with your sweetie.

theshepherdshouse said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time on your getaway! I do have to say that I am loving Alaska more and more through your beautiful pictures.

Have a great day,


Karen Deborah said...

thank you so much for sharing! I really really want to visit Alaska someday; so beautiful!!!!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Thank you all for visiting and leaving such nice comments! I wake up everyday in awe of God's creation. Alaska is just really good at reminding me!


Pam said...

Was trying to get caught up on my blog reading. Your pictures are lovely. I missed a lot while I was gone!