Friday, May 23, 2008


Well this town is busy, busy, busy! The stores and sidewalks are full of visitors and the water
is filling up with boats. Big boats, little boats, sailboats, charter boats, sightseeing boats--you
name it and it's probably floating by at some point. It's amazing to me that the boat traffic doesn't 
seem to be affected by diesel fuel being just shy of $5.00 a gallon here. Well, on second thought I
suppose if you are cruising on a $2 million yacht that $5.00 a gallon doesn't seem very significant.

Here is the view from one of the harbors in town. The cruise ship dwarfs the regular fishing boats.

I have no idea how they keep these vessels so clean after being in the salt water. You can see 
yourself in the hulls they are so shiny and clean. Some of these yachts are so 
huge that they have to call ahead to the harbormaster and make sure there is 
dock space for them. Paul Allen came here because it was one of the few places 
his mega yacht would fit.

2 large cruise ships in port. There 
are several days this month where there will be 4 of these monsters here on the same day. We 
have a special day this summer when one of the ships will offer lunch to the locals onboard for 
about $25-30.00 per person. We went one time and it was such fun! The lunch was amazing, 
served in one of the beautiful ballrooms and then we were free to tour the ship.

Cruise West tourist boat.

Another Cruise West ship. I believe 
they tour up from Seattle. The large fishing boat next to it looks little in comparison, doesn't it? 
Float planes are a dime a dozen right now,  flightseeing the tourists around.

My personal favorite. Yes that is a private helicopter on the back! Click the photo--you might be able to see the teeny weeny humans scurrying about tending to the millions of tasks that it takes to keep this megatron happily humming along.

Well, that concludes my big boat tour for today.
You will notice that not one of these pictures was from inside the yachts. One day maybe
I'll see the inside of one of those beauties! For right now I sure do enjoy watching them go by.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

WOW those are amazing, that helecopter on the last one is unimaginable!
love the pictures!
HUgs Laura

theshepherdshouse said...

A couple of years ago our oldest kids gave us the gift of an overnight stay at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle and we got to see a cruise ship up close and another going past our room. It's amazing how large they really are! Sometime we would love to take the cruise to Alaska.

I am always amazed by the lovely views you get to enjoy. Thanks for sharing them with us!
Have a great weekend,