Friday, March 21, 2008


That's the new name for the latest home improvement project in our house.
We own a Home Repair and Maintenance business in real life and it just kind
of spills over into our house. People always ask me if my house is like the
shoemaker's son; always needing the repairs that are done to everybody
else's homes.

Actually, it's quite the opposite--there is always something being constructed,
moved, painted, textured, covered, uncovered, hammered or demolished
around here. I guess you could call it OUR WAY OF LIFE. My kids grew up
breathing sheetrock dust and paint fumes (that explains a few things!)

Anyway, the latest improvement to the old homefront:

This was a side window on our living room that really didn't need to be there. It
basically looked out at our deck and the neighbor's dining room. So my husband
had the idea to remove the window and make an opening over just a ways and build
it out to house the TV. The idea was to get the TV out from the living room and
free up some floor space. Plus we could pretend we had a plasma TV attached to
the wall.

Window gone and tar paper holding out the winter. Good thing he gets things
done pronto or it would have gotten very cold in here!

New hole in the wall and old window opening sheetrocked in.

Peek a boo! The plastic really helps keep the dust and mess to a minimum, which
keeps my ranting and raving to a minimum.

New TV room sheetrocked and textured. Yes, that's my husband standing on
the woodstove in the background. Why bother with a ladder when there's all 
these neat things sitting around you can use, right? I wish I had thought to get a
picture of him standing on top of the refrigerator to paint the kitchen--nobody
ever believes me when I tell them!

Ta Da!! The finished project with a nice, warm new paint color on the wall too.
Doesn't he do great work? The only minor details left are the finishing strips on the
very front of the shelves. We tried it out, it works great and I love the space it freed
up in the living room.


Jane said...

Hi Kris,
Tell Adam, nice job!! That was a great idea. I loved the bald eagle pictures!!! What a treat to be able to see them up so close, AND in such great quantities. That is so incredible.
Have a wonderful Easter! I didn't get cards done this year. The egg hunt at church is tomorrow, and on Easter we're going to my sister's. Talk to you later.

Pam said...

Looks cool. I could see my dad doing something like this. Neat idea.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Awesome idea and finished product looks GREAT love the pic of your hubby standing on the wood stove ... classic!
The cheese cakes are in the oven! my son licked the bowl and said oh mom i will be home later(hes at work) to eat that... said oh no son have to wait till tomorrow! the kids laughed at me for going to a drive through liquer store LOL..I have not bought alcohol in 20 years ... it looks and smells FANTASTIC! will let you know after tomorrow how it tastes and if it is inhaled LOL... I think from the reaction of the beater lickers and the bowl licker i will be making this again and again and again :-)
have a wonderful easter!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Jane--Happy Easter to you! We miss you all terribly. We had our egg hunt today with 36 degrees and snow mixed with rain. The kids were tearing through the forest to find the hidden eggs while the humpback whales were right out in front blowing and the sea lions were floating around with full bellies.

Pam--Thanks for the compliment! I think I remember you saying your dad was a handyman too. Have a Blessed Easter!

Laura--I am so proud of you for taking the Kahlua Cheesecake plunge! Please do let me know how it turned out.

I know what you mean about the liquor too...a friend gave me a Pecan Tart recipe I want to try but I told her I didn't even know how to buy the brandy and I didn't want to pay some outrageous price to use just a little bit. She said just buy the little liquor bottles from the liquor store that they sell you on the airplane. They are the perfect size for what a recipe calls for. What a great idea! Happy Easter to you and your family.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I tasted it... OH have mercy! yummm seems like I blogged about it too! the kids were licking their fingers and chops when they licked the beaters and bowl out! I think this will be a HUGE hit here!
will tell you tomorrow after dinner how it is after being in the fridge all night!
Am talking to my aunt who made the quilt read her your post.. she thought that was tooo cute. She says to tell you she is anxious for me to bring the recipie for your cheese cake and make it when I am there in two weeks!
Happy Easter!