Saturday, February 2, 2008


For being such a small town we sure have some fantastic talent visit and perform here.
This week was the 13th annual Jazz Festival with world-class musicians performing
and teaching Jan 31st-February 2nd. When not performing in concert, they gave their
time in the schools, teaching and helping the students.

We went on Thursday to the free brown bag lunch concert that was held in the large
meeting hall downtown. The music was fantastic, featuring the Tamir Hendelman Trio,
which was Tamir Hendelman on the piano, Dennis Mackrel on drums and Todd Coolman
on bass. They were joined by Ingrid Jensen and she is the one you can hear on the video
on the trumpet. She was amazing! My younger daughter plays the clarinet, so we know
a tiny bit about how much work it takes to just play an instrument, let alone like that.

The combination of the wonderful music and the view in the background made for a
very enjoyable afternoon. If you look closely at the video you can see a bald eagle fly
by behind them while they are playing--I love it!


Pam said...

I love music. So cool that you have such neat choices for the girls up there!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

I agree, it's a blessing to have access to these artists. This last August we had an African Children's Choir performing--that was amazing. During the summer we have a Fine Arts Camp that has brings in some of the finest artists from around the world to teach. It is several weeks of intense teaching and people come from all over Alaska and down south to attend.