Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We go to the library every week on Fridays. My older daughter checks in with the homeschool
support and we all meet at the library afterwards. It really is our favorite day of the week since
we love the library. All the books you could ever want or need, right at your fingertips. And if
you don't see what you want, there are numerous computers sitting around you can do a quick
search on and place a hold for whatever you like. All paid for by taxpayer's money. What a great
system, eh?

On one of our last visits I made a bit of an unpleasant discovery about the library we love so.

My younger daughter couldn't go with us at the last minute and I forgot to bring her books with
me, so when I checked mine out I asked if they could check and make sure that she didn't have
anything overdue. The fine for a movie being overdue is $1.00 a day. That adds up fast!

The librarian regretted to inform me that she couldn't check my daughter's account for me since
my daughter wasn't there to give me permission.


Permission for what?

She said nobody can access patron's accounts except the patrons themselves unless they are there
giving you permission to see what they have checked out.

My daughter is 10 years old, I am her mother and I can't see what she has checked out at the PUBLIC
library. I can't access her PRIVATE account, but the librarian did inform me that since she is a minor
in my household I am responsible for paying any fines that accrue in her account.

The account I don't have access to.

Just writing about this makes my blood boil. I have read that the school systems can give birth
control to minors in the schools without having to notify the parents and I guess this falls into the
same category.

What an excellent way to tear families apart--just take the rights away from the parents and hand
them over to the overbearing, omnipresent entity known as the government.


Niki RuralWritings said...

I KNOW!!! Our library system used to allow a family card which everyone could use, now due to the "privacy act" we are no longer able to have one card, what a pain when you are picking up books for 3 family members.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

It's not the librarian's fault either--they told me they thought it was ridiculous too. So who came up with the privacy act anyway? Someone with lots of stuff to hide?


gina's tidbits said...

Why am I not surprised! "Privacy Act" - yes, we have been through that dodge as well; but not with the library - with utilities...as in taking ownership of a new business...and "they" can not give you the previous account meter info you need to sort things out....Like, it is as if any mention of progress is being hindered? And then, "they' do not dare give you their last names; and, then you can not access them in person! Oh, and this after you wait and wait and wait, to reach a live person!

Ridiculous....Bureaucrats..... Hmmmm.


Pam said...

If you have another soapbox I will get up and preach beside ya my friend... ;)