Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Saturday is now our official water day. We fill our jugs at the Artesian well at the other
end of town and it usually lasts about a week unless we have something extra going on
that takes a lot of drinking water.

So now that the snow has pretty much stuck around and the gates are still closed we
are starting to come up with creative ways to get the water. Don't get me wrong--we
still like hiking through the snow and slipping on the ice for 1/4 mile to get to the well,
but sometimes it's fun to take a different route, you know what I mean?

My brother suggested that we take a shortcut (you know what that usually means!) and
go down the dirt road before the well road. He said there is a place to park and you can
easily cut across the river where it is shallow. You'll save yourselves tons of walking he
Doesn't it look peaceful and calm?

So we tried it and he was right; it saved a lot of walking but he didn't say anything about
the height of the shallow water being over the tops of our boots. Plus the fact that Silly
Lilly the Boxer decided she knew a better way and ended up downstream a ways trying
to get across.

This last Saturday my husband had the great idea that since we always bring the dogs,
why not make them help us with the work? On the way there they can pull someone on
the sled and on the way back they can pull the full water bottles.Now when I say "dogs', I really mean dog. Neo my Min Pin goes with us to check 
on the Chippie (squirrel) situation, but pull a sled in the snow? Yeah right. Even 
with his fleece Camo coat on he hates leaving the porch.

I like to call this one
"Exploding Boxer."

Convincing Lilly took a little bit of time, but she eventually warmed to the idea 
with a bit of coaxing from Bobcheeks.

She did a great job pulling the full bottles and I intended to get a picture of it but
turning around to get the photo and walking through the deep snow proved to be
too complicated for me to do simultaneously, so I missed the picture. Next time, 
I promise!


Pam said...

Makes me sort of grateful for the glass of water I just got in my kitchen :)
The dog sled idea is cute though, and so very Alaskan of you!

Niki RuralWritings said...

too funny ;), keep those kids and dogs workin' ....that's what I say!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Pam-we do have city water and it's good--we just like having the water without all the additives. I would love to have a real dog sled--that would be fun!

Niki-that Boxer thrives on working, it keeps her head on straight. My daughter was laughing so hard she couldn't sit up!