Friday, January 4, 2008


These are the pancakes that you remember from growing up...thick, fluffy and full of flavor!
My mom gave me this recipe that she got from her freshman year in high school Home Ec
class. She calls it an oldie but a goodie.

It is important that you sift the dry ingredients 3 times to distribute the leavening well so
they "fluff."

I make these as huge, individual pancakes like in the photo, but they are just as good made
in the standard size. They are delicious with my brother in law's homemade blueberry syrup,
and just about anything else you have on hand to put on them. Pure maple syrup ($10.00
for a small bottle in Alaska!) is my second choice.

My husband would eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I'd let him!

2 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

4 Tablespoons shortening, melted

2 cups milk
2 eggs, separated

Put shortening in a small pan on low heat to melt while you work with the other ingredients.

Sift flour and measure 2 cups into sifter. Add baking powder and salt--sift three times and
set aside.

Whip egg whites until fluffy and they hold a peak when beaters are lifted out.

Beat egg yolks and add milk and shortening. Add flour mixture slowly and beat until smooth.

Carefully fold in beaten egg whites.

Cook on hot, oiled griddle, flipping each pancake when bubbles on top of pancake burst.

**I always double this recipe for our family of four since the batter keeps for a day in the
refrigerator and I can use whatever batter we don't eat the next day**

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