Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Yes, those are almost naked people you see in the pictures and no, it isn't very warm out, only 36 degrees.
These people gather every year at the end of December at one of the boat ramps and at the count of 10
they all run into 48 degree water and splash around a bit. Then they get in line to receive their psychiatric
help certificate and get a cup of hot chocolate.

My sister was in the middle of the pack shaking like a leaf before plunging in (but only up to her knees
I noticed.) You can see her in the center of the first picture with the grey T-shirt with a circle on it and
the blonde hair in a ponytail. I did get a picture of her getting out of the water but the contortions on
her face weren't very flattering so I didn't post it.

The rest of us all stood on the shore in our warm coats and gloves lending our undying support by waving
and cheering them on. Oh how I love living in a small town!

You know, I've heard that the long, drawn out winters of Alaska do funny things to some people's minds.
I spotted quite a few, shall we say, "interesting" characters out there. Lots of bathrobes and thank goodness
only a couple of tiny Speedos.

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Pam said...

Yeah, I thought my small town was weird.... haha

They do this here in the rivers. I always figured it would feel pretty warm getting OUT of the water!

Neat pictures, thank you for not posting the Speedo freaks :)

Not much going on here today. The guys are playing games. All is quiet.