Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Living in a small town has many benefits, not the least of which is the low crime rate. Most people I know don't
lock their doors and some even leave the keys in their cars! It is so seldom that we hear sirens that when they do
happen we all run to the window to watch the police car or ambulance speed by. This is not to say we don't have
any crime at all--there is the occasional petty theft and numerous alcohol issues, but how refreshing to pick up
the paper and see a picture of the local kindergarten class playing in the snow as headline news.

Our one and only newspaper (not published on Saturday or Sunday) has a section called Police Blotter where the
days events that required a call to the police are logged. Here are some actual entries in the newspaper from just
the last couple of weeks (not all on the same day):

At 2:20 pm a resident asked for help getting his dog back from his ex-wife.

At 3:35 pm a Sony phone was found at the Middle School.

At 6:05 pm a resident reported neighbor's kids screaming and crying. Police determined the noise level was
reasonable for that time of night.

At 7:20 pm a 911 call was received from the Hall. Police talked to parents of girls meeting in the building about
the proper use of 911.

At 8:30 pm a resident asked police to check on a possible case of animal abuse involving someone duct-taping
a dog's muzzle shut. Police referred the matter to an animal control officer.

At 8:50 pm people arguing outside a bar turned out to be disagreeing about which direction to go. No crimes
had been committed, police determined.

At 9:40 pm a girl reportedly left home without permission.

At 11:20 pm a Lillian Drive resident who was disturbing neighbors with his late night drilling and hammering
project agreed to quit for the night.

And my personal favorite:

At 3:30 pm a resident reported to police that a stray bunny rabbit had been hanging out in her yard for 3 days
and she was concerned that it was lost.


Mapper said...

Noise, duct tape, a dog, a bunny, a bar and noisy kids... sounds like my small town too! (No, I don't live in Alaska!)

LadiesoftheHouse said...

Sounds like my kind place! Kris

Our Red House said...

What a den of iniquity you live in!

This post is so sweet. It just made my day. Thanks.

LadiesoftheHouse said...

We moved here from a place with a fatal car accident just about every other day and we locked our doors when we went to the back of our own property. I feel like I can breathe easy here! Thanks for the nice comment. Kris

Yamini said...

I was trying to read all the posts here for the past 2 days. Alaska is in my list of places to visit at some point of my life! So just wanted to know more.
I cannot believe the kind of life. It must be sooo peaceful, mentally and physically.
I live in New Jersey which is one of the most crowded place in the U.S.
Once when we went to Vermont at a bed and breakfast place, the hostess would leave her plants for sale outside the garden and keep a box by them for people to pay for the plants they take! We were very surprised!

LadiesoftheHouse said...

I have never been to New Jersey. The closest I have been near the east coast are Chicago and Florida. Chicago was very icy and Florida was warm but very crowded. It is very cold here (15 degrees) but the air is so clean and crisp that we don't mind at all! Kris